The Global Pound Conference Blog is a brand new platform, aiming to facilitate a discussion on the future of dispute resolution and access to justice. To make this dialogue as effective and inclusive as possible, we are calling for contributions of short blog posts on the themes of the GPC Series.

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Natasha Mellersh is the editor of the GPC Blog, she is currently completing an LLM in Public International Law at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Originally from Germany, she studied politics, economics and law in the UK. Natasha has worked in courts, for international law firms, NGOs, international organisations (including UNODC) and start-ups in a number of countries, including Austria, France, New Zealand and the UK. Her experience ranges from international public and private law to journalism, event management and communications. She was previously the online editor of CDR Magazine and African Law & Business Magazine, as well as a senior editor at LexisNexis in London.

Email: natasha.mellersh@globalpound.org

Twitter: @tashalaws
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